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SPRING & SUMMER ~ Application Deadline

Application & Transcripts

SPRING (May-June) & SUMMER (July-Aug) Deadline: APRIL 15th

Reminder to ALL Students!

This is for those students who’s academic program requires the Spring (May-June) &/or Summer (July-August) as optional attendance or continuation, please forward your application, if you intend to continue after April 30, 2010.  Please note your last course(s) final grades NEED to be forwarded to SLPS as a condition to continue.  Please forward once they are available.  They all need to be forwarded by May 21, 2010.

Once we receive your Application & Transcripts,they will be reviewed and if approved you will receive a letter stating acceptance of continuation 0r sponsorship approved.

You are free to register for your next session courses (forward  course registrations); however, ensure your requested information is received by our office to ensure your sponsorship is not disrupted.

  • 2 or more – 3 credit courses – considered full-time sponsorship
  • 1 or more – 6 credit course – considered full-time sponsorship

SPRING & SUMMER SESSION: Application Deadline: April 15th

WINTER 2010: Transcript Submission: Deadline May 21st

Other Deadline Date:

FALL SESSION: Application Deadline: June 15th

Please refer to the Student Policy Manual for more information or download from this website for future reference.