You are responsible for your success and it starts with knowing our deadline dates!

Sponsorship Application Deadline Dates:

JUNE 01- September – December

OCTOBER 15 – January – April

MARCH 15 – May – August

                   **All Students are required to fill out an application form for each term.

Sponsorship Application Forms:





**Click on any of the above application forms to download.  For more information on document submission, please scroll down to DOCUMENTS REQUIRED and review documents to submit as a New Student, Continuing or Returning Student.

Note:  Past SLPS Applications can be viewed or downloaded by scrolling down to SLPS ARCHIVE.

2020/2021 Student Policy Handbook

  • All students are to become familiar with the Student Policy Handbook contents
  • If you are unable to download the handbook, please call any of the post secondary staff and will send via email

2008040016 Saddle Lake Policy Manual COVER-01


Student Policy Handbook Contents:

  • Vision Statement:  Pg. 4
  • Mission Statement:  Pg. 4
  • Policy Statement:  Pg. 5
  • Eligibility Criteria:  Pg. 7 & 8
  • Application Procedures:  Pg. 9 & 10
  • Deadlines/Priority List:  Pg. 11 & 12
  • Sponsorship Support:  Pg. 13 – 19
  • Levels and Other Forms of Study:  Pg. 20 – 26
  • Special Requests/Programs:  Pg. 27 – 30
  • Termination of Sponsorship:  Pg. 31 – 33
  • Appeal Process:  Pg. 34 – 35
  • Roles:  Pg. 36 & 37
  • Post Secondary Allowance (PSA) Distribution Schedule:  Pg. 38
  • Definitions:  Pg. 39 – 44
  • Student Self Determination Agreement:  Pg. 45 – 47
  • Monthly Planner:  Pg. 50

General Information:

reminderSome academic programs have different start and end dates, if unsure when to apply, please contact our office for deadline date which applies to your application.

The Saddle Lake Post-Secondary staff will review all applications and determine which are eligible for sponsorship support, providing that all criteria are met.  Sponsorship Approval will be made by the Saddle Lake Education Authority during the Sponsorship Review.  An applicant will be informed, in writing, of the Board’s decision by the Saddle Lake Post-Secondary staff.  An applicant must apply prior to the deadline dates for sponsorship.  Failure to submit all documents prior to deadline date(s) may result in denial of educational sponsorship For audit purposes all applications and waiver forms must be signed by the applicant.

Documents Required:



Tuition deposits and/or application fees shall remain the responsibility of a new applicant and will not be reimbursed if he or she has not been selected for educational assistance.

  • Complete and Sign Application and Waiver Form for each term  (to be processed at the Education Office);
  • Acceptance letter from the Post Secondary institution;
  • All current & up-to-date Transcripts from previous enrollment;
  • Career plan (one page essay outlining educational & career objectives);
  • Two letters of reference (immediate family members excluded);
  • Course schedule & Program Plan/Evaluation;
  • Fee Assessment schedule from Post Secondary institution;
    • Photocopy of Indian Status Card;
    • Photocopy of Provincial Health Care Card of applicant and all dependent(s), if applicable;
    • Photocopy of S.I.N. card;
  • Employer verification, if applicable; and
  • A void cheque or a Pre-authorization Form from your banking institution (if approved for sponsorship)


An application for a continuing student must be submitted by appropriate deadline date per term and sponsorship will be dependent on academic performance.

  • Complete and Sign Application and Waiver Form for each term  (to be processed at the Education Office);
  • Confirmation of registration or acceptance letter from Post Secondary institution or Faculty;
  • Transcripts from previous term/year;
  • Tuition / Fee Assessment schedule from Post Secondary institution;
  • Course schedule for each term; and
  • Employer verification, if applicable.

forms-documentsINTERSESSION APPLICATION (June – August)

  • New Applicant – refer to Part 1 and reference Note below
  • Continuing Student – refer to Part 2 and reference Note below

Note: Student must be enrolled in at least two (2) 3-credit courses or one (1) 6-credit course per term to be considered for full-time funding (tuition, books, & post-secondary allowance). If you need additional support on how to plan your career path, please call the Post Secondary Student Advisor or consult with your High School Counsellor.




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

  • Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director
  • Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor
  • Amberly Makokis, Administrative Assistant



  1. Employment verification, is that just to let you know what my work status is, if I am fulltime/partime or casual, and how many days a week, I will work?
    Also, when will the Fall 2019 application be scheduled to come out, so i can come back and download it?


    1. Hello, I have updated our Sponsorship Application forms for the upcoming Fall 2019 academic term. Employment confirmation is required for both full time or part time students. It informs SLPS the place of employment and number of hours students are employed. Please give me a call and we can chat about other application procedures. Happy New Year. Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor, bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca / 780-726-7609.


  2. I tried looking for an email address to inquire about program eligibility. In Calgary at the Alberta College of Art + Design, for the BFA program my requirements are to complete the Artstream program before I start my First Year Studies. Artstream is the first step in obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and is in partnership with Bow Valley College & the Alberta College of Art + Design. So my question is, is the Artstream program eligible for sponsorship? It is an entrance program. I am asking now before I think about submitting my application for sponsorship. If you can email me, I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Hello, both Bow Valley College and the Alberta College of Art and Design are institutions that are eligible for sponsorship. As for the program that you are interested in requires completion of Grade 12 as a mandatory entrance/admission requirement for all students, including mature student and is at least one year in lenght. I would ask that you call me to discuss personal eligibilty with you as this may take some time (sooner the better to confirm). Please review pages 7 & 8 in our Student Policy Manual that can be veiwed or downloaded from our Sponsorship Procedures page. Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor, bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca / 780-726-7609. Happy New Year. Bye for now


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