contact-us1Saddle Lake Post Secondary

Box 130, Saddle Lake, AB, Canada, T0A3T0



TOLL FREE NUMBER:  1-800-668-0243

DIRECT LINE:  780-726-7609


FAX:  780-726-4069 





Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer Saddle Lake Post-Secondary Director
Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer
Director of Post Secondary
Betty Ann Cardinal
Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor


Pamela Large Post Secondary Administrative Assistant
Pamela Large
Post Secondary
Administrative Assistant


board-member2016-2019 EDUCATION BOARD MEMBERS:

  • Valerie Cardinal
  • Leona Brertton
  • Ramona Cardinal
  • Donald Crane
  • Frances Ward




  • John Large
  • Pauline Hunter

* Educational Board Members and Council Education Representatives hold this position for three years.  2016 – 2019




ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: 1-800-396-2167 OR 780-726-3829

  • Saddle Lake Wahkohtowin Society: 1-877-296-2902 or 780-726-7616
    • Eagles Nest Group Home:  780-726-7616
    • Northside Receiving Home:  780-726-2799
  • Education Authority: 1-800-668-0243 OR 780-726-76096
    • Post Secondary Program
    • Kihew Asiniy:   780-726-2000
    • Onchaminahos School:  780-726-3730
    • Early Childhood – Day Care:  780-2885
  • Health Care Centre:  1-800-829-6904 OR 780-726-3930
    • Ambulance:  780-726-3931
    • Eagle Healing Lodge:  1-866-726-3660 OR 780-7263661
    • Dental:  780-726-4263
    • Headstart:  780-726-3000
    • Home Support:  1-888-600-6887 OR 780-726-2774
    • Referral:  780-726-3880
    • Pharmacy:  780-726-3310
    • Seniors Centre:  780-726-4353
    • NNADP:  780-614-3831
    • C.R.E.S.T.:  780-210-0664
  • Public Works:  1-888-3212-9999 OR 780-726-4020
    • Fire Department/Water:  780-726-2400
    • Housing / Building Supply Store:  780-726-4502 
    • Water Treatment Plant:  780-726-3950
  • Social Services:  1-877-296-2904 OR 780-726-7607
    • Reinvestment & Training:  780-726-3546
    • Sewing Center:  780-726-2961
  • RCMP:  780-726-3201
  • T.L.U:  780-726-3644
  • Youth Center:  780-726-4149
  • Summer Student Office:  780-726-6132


For additional information go to or contact the Administration Office.

8 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Hello Drae, I do apologize for the late response but to answer your question… Eligible Saddle Lake Cree Nation students apply with SLPS for their post secondary education pending board approval before application deadline dates per term. We do not sponsor trade or academic upgrading programs. For more detailed information on our application process you can “click” on our “Application & Procedures” tab or you can email me personally at / 780-726-7609
    Betty Ann Cardinal
    Saddle Lake Education Authority
    Post Secondary Program Student Advisor


  2. Hi there my name is Bryanna DeCoteau and I was wondering if being treaty pays to go to post secondary? I have a treaty number from the Saddle Lake band but I haven’t ever been there before. Can you please help me out in finding some answers on how I can further my education. Thank you 🙂


    1. I am the webmaster. However, please contact the office to speak to one of the student advisors at 1-800-668-0243 or go to the CONTACT US page & call. We can help you as education is a Treaty Right; however different types of funding are available depending on your criteria and AANDC Membership Status. We can help clarify that though, please contact our office. We look forward to speaking with you.


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