Graduation Project

PROJECT IS A “LIVING DOCUMENT” ~ Updated Every 2 years – next update August 2015

The Saddle Lake Post Secondary Grad Project has been approved by both the Saddle Lake Chief & Council and the Saddle Lake Education Authority to assist the Post Secondary Program in updating current graduation lists, particularly prior to 1993.  It will also attest to the Saddle Lake First Nation’s successful administration of its Post Secondary Education Program since their take-over in 1986.

The Saddle Lake Post Secondary Program has created a Wall of Recognition of all our SLPS Post Secondary Graduates to honor their accomplishments, create Community Pride, & encourage our future generations to follow their dreams.

Please see “FROM the Desk of the GRAD PROJECTbelow for up-to-date information


A one-time incentive will be issued to past graduates (with 61(a) status only) based on submission of their application and photocopy of the highest credential (including transcripts) achieved prior to 1993.

Eligible applicants shall provide the following documentation package to the Saddle Lake Post-Secondary office to obtain incentive:

  1. Grad Project Application Form (available at the Saddle Lake Education Office or online here);
  2. ALL Current & up-to-date Transcripts & Credentials
  3. Photocopy of Indian Status Card (eligible applicants only);
  4. Photocopy of S.I.N. card;
  5. Digital copy or scannable Graduation Picture (optional) – to be used in our Wall of Recognition

IMPORTANT: Please note that graduates who had completed a Masters or Doctoral level of studies will be required to submit their thesis or project(s), prior to release of their incentive. We are updating our Resource Library (located at the back of the Education office) so that students can have access to the research .


INCENTIVES (once all documentation is received):


UCEP/College & University Certificate and Diploma

UCEP Certificate Program: $  50

College/University Certificate Program: $100

College/University Diploma Program: $150


Undergraduate Studies

3-Year Professional Degree and   2-Year After-Degree Program: $250

3 or 4-Year University Degree Program: $500


Graduate Studies

Masters Degree Program with Thesis: $1000

Doctoral Degree Program with Dissertation: $1500

(Please contact our office for more information on publishing or printing fees)


Click here to Download SLPS Graduation Project Application Package:

We are also looking for digital copies of past graduates pictures to be displayed in our Band Office Foyer for a Wall of Recognition. If you are interested in being part of the display to encourage community members and create community pride, please send your digital copy of your graduation picture to


Contact Persons Working on the Project:

Shannon Houle – Grad Project Lead

Erica Makokis – Grad Project Assistant (returning to school as of May 2012)

Felica White– Grad Project Assistant (returned to school September 2011)

Show our Gratitude

Wall of Recogntion & Community Pride – Click to see larger

We want to show our gratitude to a few valuable members of our community who have and are contributing their expertise on this project.

Vivian Roller & Evelyn Johnston ~ for the Cree Translation for our “Wall of Recognition” fostering community pride and;

Ronald (Guy) Cardinal ~ for creating the beautiful display (in progress) to be set up in the Main Foyer at the Saddle Lake Cree Nation complex

We are so excited and looking forward to seeing this project become a reality as we know you are all anxiously waiting patiently to see also.

Future Project in Progress – Click to see larger
Future Project in Progress – Click to see larger

FROM the Desk of the GRAD PROJECT

Tansi Everyone…we are moving along still working on the graduation project.  I have returned back to school for my last year in university and will only be coming into the office on Fridays from 8:00am – 4:30PM (4:00pm every other week due to Saddle Lake Cree Nation (SLCN) Administration policy) until the project tentatively wraps up April 30th, 2012; however, Erica Makokis is working diligently to cross referencing files & ensuring former & current student’s files are complete with all documentation.  If you are unsure if your file is complete and you received a credential in the past, please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-668-0243.  We are not only ensuring all transcripts & credentials (degrees, certificates) prior to 1993 are in the file but ALL transcripts & credentials you may have been received/acquired over the years (this includes any not sponsored by our SLCN Post Secondary Department).

A lot of the research has been completed pending some applicants documentation; once we have the majority of verified accreditation, we will be displaying the Saddle Lake Cree Nation band member’s name & accredited certification in the form of a plaque within the Display Case  recently installed in the Main Band Office Foyer.  As mentioned before, we want to celebrate and show our appreciation for all the former students hard work and honor the challenges they faced while working towards the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams.  This display of credentials is also geared towards Community Pride & to encourage our youth, community members; and all human beings to follow their dreams!  We are a vibrant and rich community filled with amazing people who have many unique qualities academically & culturally; which enhances and compliments our community & nation in the spirit of education…you are our youth’s Role Models!

Major/Initial Research Ends – April 30, 2012;

Living Project – on-going

  • The major part of the initial research on this project ends April 30th, 2012; however, this is a living project and will grow as former and future graduates are added to the Wall of Recognition.
  • Therefore, as a “Living Project” receipt of applications will be ongoing. Please ensure you have forwarded your Graduation Project Application to our office to see if you qualify for an incentive for any credentials received prior to 1993 (please include all transcripts & credentials received on application).  Any future graduates go through the SLPS general incentive request as per applicable SLPS Student Policy requirements for the year of graduation.
Graduation Project 2011-12 Application
  •  Please ensure application is filled out completely – incomplete applications will be put on hold pending applicant’s action
    • check with our office to see if you have some of the transcripts & credentials already on file
  • Please attach ALL copies of Credentials with transcripts you received which are considered Post Secondary level.
    • eg. includes Academic Upgrading, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate), Master’s Degree, and Doctoral Degree
Wall of Recognition (Work in Progress)
  • Ronald (Guy) Cardinal completed the display & installed the cabinets in the foyer this past weekend.  The” Wall of Recognition” is becoming reality…we will keep you posted!


As of February 22, 2013

We will be celebrating the unveiling of our “Wall of Recognition” and want to emphasis this is a living documentation of our successes, as a Nation.  However, we still have many outstanding documentation and can not post or publish statistical data.  If you do not see your name published on the Wall of Recognition there are a few factors that could affect this:

  1. Outstanding Documentation – please contact SLPS
  2. Plaques were not printed, still working on printing
  3. We have no record of your credential(s) – please contact SLPS

We look forward to seeing you at the Unveiling / Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in the Saddle Lake MANITOU KIHEW COMPLEX FOYER at 2:00 PM

Second Media Release Invite

Second Media Release Invite

Round Dance Poster 2013

15th Biennial Feast & Round Dance



Reporting from the computer of Shannon M Houle

As of May 24, 2012

We’ve finally installed the Display Banner and are starting to do the interior design of the display in preparation for the name plated plaques currently being printed at St. Paul Starbrite Embroidery Engraving & Picture Framing Ltd.   We still have final touches to do but we are getting closer….this is so exciting!  Please see current Youtube video for update:




There will be an official Tentative Cutting of the Ribbon Ceremony scheduled for the end of August 2012.  We are still working on the logistics and we’ll keep you informed.  In addition to this physical display in the main foyer, our website will be publishing the numbered results of our research once official approval has been granted.

As a reminder, this is a “Living Project”, therefore, the project is always growing as qualifying band members present their application and accreditation documents in order for our office to process and record their success(es) for display in the foyer and on our website.

Reporting from the computer of Shannon M Houle

As of March 29, 2012

The Graduation Project research and creation of the display section are close at hand; however, this is a “Living Project” ~ Updated Yearly.  Therefore, the SLPS office is accepting “Graduation Project Applications” on a continual basis.  As of today 667 name plates and plaques have been sent to Starbrite Embroideries.  This means we have 667 accreditations dating as far back as 1976 from Upgrading to Doctoral Degrees with all requested documentation presented to our office.  At present, we have over 1200 possible accreditation references to complete as graduates present their applications and documents.  This list is growing daily and will continue to grow as long as our Saddle Lake Cree Nation members keep FOLLOWING THEIR DREAMS…

As of January 1, 2012

***SPECIAL NOTE:  RE: Application Process

If your most current transcripts indicates you have been granted a credential from your officiating educational institution, a copy of your certificate (credential) may not be required as part of the Application Process.  i.e.. Listed at top of most current transcripts: Bachelor of Arts, Athabasca University, granted June 14, 2011.  Please inquire.

Reported by Shannon Houle

5 thoughts on “Graduation Project

  1. i also complete my pre Ucep 2007, my ACSW certificate 2011, and this year my HCA certificate how would i submit my name and info?


    1. Hi Olivia, you can either send you application and waiver form by fax at 780-726-4069 or via email to myself at or drop off at the office. you can find all the information that you may need including our application on our sponsorship and application procedures tab. If you have any questions, please give myself or Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer at call at 780-726-7609 or toll free at 1-800-668-0243. Deadline for Fall 2013 is JUNE 1, 2013.

      Betty Ann Cardinal
      Post Secondary Student Advisor
      Box 130, Saddle Lake, AB T0A 3T0


    1. Hello Pam,

      Thank you for contacting us. We have your UCEP documentation; however, need your Disabilities transcript updated that states you were granted your credential, then I can issue a name plate to be made. In addition, once your BEd Degree is complete, please hand in your official transcripts listing your degree granted and a copy of your parchment. Furthermore, please contact the office and speak with the Student Advisor, BettyAnne Cardinal for more information and also review the Student Handbook and Policies for additional information.

      Shannon Houle
      Grad Project Lead


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