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John and Elizabeth Veres Indigenous Student Support in Nursing

This new bursary has recognized the importance of the nursing profession & the essential role that student nurses will soon have. This bursary will be given to one Indigenous student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing each year.  For more information regarding the eligiblity criteria, you can click on the following link “John and Elizabeth Veres Indigenous Student Support in Nursing“.

MacEwan University Students can apply through their student portal at myStudentServices.

Posted by Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor

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As of Thursday, September 16, 2021-it has been recommended that a 14 Day Circuit Breaker commence

The Saddle Lake Emergency Management Team has recommended that our Nation start a Curcuit Breaker effective immediately. Due to the fast and increasing positive cases within the Nation, it has proven that a Circuit Breaker decreases our cases significantly. There will be strict safety measures in place to keep our children, families and elders healthy and safe. It is our responsibility to continue to practice COVID19 safety measures: masks, hand washing, social distancing, etc… to review the procedures that are in place for programs, essential and non-essential services, please click on the following link to view:

Saddle Lake Cree Nation Circuit Breaker Info Sheet

  • The Post Secondary staff will be available to our Post Secondary students via email:
    1. Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director – bernadinehs@saddlelake.ca;
    2. Amberly Makokis, Administrative Assistant – amberly.makois@saddlelake.ca;
    3. Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor – bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca;
  • Any payments, during this time line, will be direct deposits, unless specific conditions are specified;
  • If you have any questions, regarding our PSA distribution dates, eligibility criteria, our sponsorship applications & deadline dates, PSA rates, support services available and other SLPS information, please refer and review our 2021/2022 Post Secondary Student Policy Handbook.
  • You can also click on the Sponsorship Procedures tab, at the top, to access/download our Application Forms.

Created by Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor

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December 2020 PSA

Attention all Post Secondary Students are given the dates of our PSA distribution dates that are found in our Student Policy Handbook. The Policy Handbook is included in the back packs that were picked up or it can be accessed and download from our webpage. Click on the Sponsorship Procedure tab above and scroll down till you see the image of our hand book. The distribution dates are on page 38.

The following is a list of the distribution dates for your reference:

December 2020November 27thMidmonthDecember 09th
January 2021December 23rdMidmonthJanuary 13th
February 2021January 27thMidmonthFebruary 10th
March 2021February 24thMidmonthMarch 10th
April 2021March 26thMidmonthApril 14th

Post by Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor

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ATTENTION to the Saddle Lake Cree Nation Membership

NOTICE – November 18, 2020

Click here for the Poster: Attention Community Member

Due to the number of positive cases within the Saddle Lake Cree Nation:

  • with the guidance and support of Alberta Health Services (AHS) Dr. Yacoub, Medical Officer of Health and Dr. Sarin, Deputy Medical Officer of Health have recommended and support the Council Motion passed on November 16, 2020.

Effective November 18, 2020 to December 02, 2020

The Saddle Lake Cree Nation will be in a 2 – week shutdown (Circuit Breaker) with Essential Services only:

  • Public Works – Water Delivery and Sewage Trouble calls;
  • Saddle Lake Health Care Centre – COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, Home Care, Medical & Medical Transportation;
  • ALL essential offices hours of operation will be posted – Social Development, Child Welfare, Finance, Bison Auto;
  • the 3 convenience stores will be CLOSED: Northside, Walter’s and Eugene Stores

The purpose of this 2 – week Shut Down is to minimize public exposure and to limit the services for high needs only. All efforts as a community will create a positive impact in the next two (2) weeks with the help of each and every one of us.


Follow the recommendations that have set out from the beginning COVID-19.

  • Stay Home – no visiting, no parties, no gathering;
  • Wear Masks – wear properly, encourage other to wear masks;
  • Sanitize – it is important to keep your hands clean and to avoid touching your face especially if you are still shaking hands.

Kahkiyaw oniciskapowinawak mamowe atoskek ekwa sakihtohk

Saddle Lake Post Secondary Students can still reach staff via email. If you have any questions, please email us:

Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor – bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca

Amberly Makokis, Administrative Assistant – amberly.makokis@saddlelake.ca

Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director – bernadinehs@saddlelake.ca

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NOTICE to the SLPS Students

Saddle Lake Cree Nation
Due to the increased number of positive COVID-19 cases within the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, the Saddle Lake Emergency Management Team with the support of Leadership have made following decision:

As of Monday, November 2, 2020 all the band programs and both schools will be closed until Friday, November 20, 2020 (3weeks), essential services will continue operating.

SLCN Council Message with Council Member Darcy McGilvery

Saddle Lake Health Care Information

Lakeland Today Article

The Post Secondary program staff will be working remotely from home with periodic visits to the office. Our post secondary students can always contact us through our emails, as follows:

  • Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director: bernadinehs@saddlelake.ca
  • Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor: bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca
  • Amberly Makokis, Administrative Assistant: amberly.makokis@saddlelake.ca

We have students primary contact phone numbers & emails and communicate with student using both if necessary. We also ask students to check their junk mail to see if we have sent you an email and has redirected to your junk file.


Please be advised that the Shuttle will not be operating for the remainder of this term, due to students having their programs on-line.


If you have documents that need to be submitted, please email your documents to Amberly Makokis and she will scan and save. You can take a screen shot of your documents or take a photo and attach to an email and submit. We are not accepting any documents at the office due to the office closure.


Our Winter sponsorship review will take place on November 12, 2020. Please ensure that your documents are submitted by November 30th. This review is for applicants who have applied for sponsorship and their start date is January 01, 2020.


If you have general post secondary questions, please contact us by sending us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Posted by Betty Ann Cardinal on Tuesday, November 03, 2020

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Winter 2021 Deadline Date Extended

Please be advised that our SLPS Winter 2021 application deadline date has been extended to Friday October 30, 2020

If you have already submitted your winter application, thank you and it is very much appreciated. To those who not have submitted your application yet, you have until October 30, 2020 to submit.

To our NEW students, you will be submitting an application for each term that you are attending. If you have been approved for funding for the 2020-2021 academic year, and are continuing into winter, you are not applying for sponsorship again. The application for each term, is for our reference and how we manage your AIS file here at the office.

To our CONTINUING students, you should be familiar with this process and aware of our application deadline dates & documents required.

All SLPS students are required to submit the following each term:
  1. Application
  2. Course Registration/Schedule/Timetable: submit when you are able to register for the Winter term
  3. Statement of Marks for the Fall 2020 term: submit once your Fall marks have been posted and you are able to access them through your student portal.
  4. Any changes in your personal information eg: address change, etc.

Please subscribe to our Saddle Lake Post Secondary webpage for updates. Clink on the FOLLOW icon on the right hand side and you will receive an email each time there is a new post.

If you have any questions, concerns, please give us a call at 780-726-7609 or through our email:

  • Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director at bernadinehs@saddlelake.ca
  • Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor at bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca
  • Amberly Makokis, Administrative Assistant at amberly.makokis@saddlelake.ca

Posted by Betty Ann Cardinal on Friday, October 23, 2020

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Each year we host a one day Post Secondary Orientation for our students, however, this year due to COVID19 we were unable to host this event. This year we needed to think outside the box to determine which students would win a laptop. So yesterday, we placed the names of all our approved post secondary students into a bin and video recorded the process. In the video you will find out who the 10 lucky laptop winners are and will be contacted by Amberly Makokis.

Click here to watch our video of this draw!