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Come Join us for the Official Ribbon Cutting / Unveiling Ceremony for

Friday, February 22, 2013








2:00 PM:     PIPE CEREMONY – Museum

2:30 PM:    Opening Address, Elder’s Address, Grad Project History

                      Grad Project Coordinator, AANDC Address

3:00 PM:   Wall of Recognition Ribbon Cutting / Unveiling

                      Graduate Voice, Grad Video, Closing Remarks

5:00 PM:   Feast & Round Dance to follow at Iyiniwak Cultural Centre

Second Media Release Invite

Second Media Release Invite

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Evelyn Johnston’s Farewell

Heart Felt Farewell

Tansi, Students  –

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday!  No doubt, you have all been working very hard up to this point and enjoyed a much-needed break with your loved ones.

First of all, some of you may have already heard, I have accepted the position of Health Director for Saddle Lake Cree Nation, as of March 14, 2012.  Although, I miss everyone (students, staff and board), I am so enjoying my new job and look forward to coming to work each and every day.  I apologize for not letting you know sooner; however, it has been very busy since I started.

I just wanted to say that it has been truly a privilege to work with each and every one of you (and your families) throughout the years.  I have also enjoyed working with the Saddle Lake Education Authority for the past nineteen years, it remains a great place to work (with some fantastic people)!  I have no doubt that they are committed to helping you in achieving your educational goals.

I’d also like to this opportunity to congratulate all of this year’s graduates and to encourage all of you to complete your studies.  It was always such an honour to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our people, whether it was at a grad ceremony or Biennial Round Dance.

In conclusion, I’d like to acknowledge and thank everyone – our community leaders and members and our families who are always there to support us all!  Ekosi maka mina kihtwam.  Kawisaweyimikosinawaw anoc mina kakike!


Evelyn Johnston, Health Director

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Aboriginal Students Demand Action to Broaden Access to Post-Secondary Education

A recent article in the DIGITAL JOURNAL, issued on January 25, 2012, is addressing the concerns that Post-Secondary students from across Canada have when pursuing a  Post-Secondary Education and how the Federal Governement implements PSE.

*** Please “click” on the link to access the article

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National Day of Awareness

Please join us for a day of National Importance for all Canadians ~ the Canadian Treaties are a two sided agreement…hope to see you there…

National Day of Awareness
Monday, September 26th, 2011 at noon
Alberta Provincial Legislature Building
Edmonton, AB

Saddle Lake Cree Nation Buses are leaving the band office at 9:00AM

~ 3 buses will be leaving

CONTACT: Sharon Buffalo at the band office  780-726-3829  or toll free at 1-800-396-2167

Canadian Treaties ~ Include ALL Canadians
News Release > Click to see larger

Additional Information from Treaty Members & other organizers:

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Canada’s Statement of Support of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Rights

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

First Nations Provincial Day of Action – September 26, 2011 Facebook Group

Green Edmonton Activist Agenda

Bigstone Cree Nation Rally Notice

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SLPS Graduation Project UPDATE

FROM the Desk of the GRAD PROJECT

Tansi Everyone…we are moving along still working on the graduation project.  I have returned back to school for my last year in university and will only be coming into the office on Fridays from 8:00am – 4:30PM (4:00pm every other week due to Saddle Lake Cree Nation (SLCN) Administration policy) until the project tentatively wraps up at the end of December 2011; however, Erica Makokis & Felicia White are working diligently cross referencing files & ensuring former & current student’s files are complete with all documentation.  If you are unsure if your file is complete and you received a credential in the past, please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-668-0243.  We are not only ensuring all transcripts & credentials (degrees, certificates) prior to 1993 are in the file but ALL transcripts & credentials you may have been received/acquired over the years (this includes any not sponsored by our SLCN Post Secondary Department).

A lot of the research has been completed pending some applicants documentation; once we have the majority of verified accreditation, we will be displaying the Saddle Lake Cree Nation band member’s name & accredited certification in the form of a plaque within the Display Case  recently installed in the Main Band Office Foyer.  As mentioned before, we want to celebrate and show our appreciation for all the former students hard work and honor the challenges they faced while working towards the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams.  This display of credentials is also geared towards Community Pride & to encourage our youth, community members; and all human beings to follow their dreams!  We are a vibrant and rich community filled with amazing people who have many unique qualities academically & culturally; which enhances and compliments our community & nation in the spirit of education…you are our youth’s Role Models!

Project Tentativeness Ends: December 31, 2011

  • Please ensure you have forwarded your graduation project application to our office prior to this date to see if you qualify for an incentive for any credentials received prior to 1993 (please include all transcripts & credentials received on application).
Graduation Project 2011-12 Application
  • Please ensure application is filled out completely – incomplete applications will be put on hold pending applicant’s action
    • check with our office to see if you have some of the transcripts & credentials already on file
  • Please attach ALL copies of Credentials with transcripts you received which are considered Post Secondary level.
    • eg. includes Academic Upgrading, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate), Master’s Degree, and Doctoral Degree
Wall of Recognition (Work in Progress)
  • Ronald (Guy) Cardinal completed the display & installed the cabinets in the foyer this past weekend.  The” Wall of Recognition” is becoming reality…we will keep you posted!

Please go to our “Graduation Project” page for more information
Reported by Shannon Houle
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The Grad Project’s “Wall of Recognition” & Fostering of Community Pride…..

Show our Gratitude

Wall of Recogntion & Community Pride - Click to see larger

We want to show our gratitude to a few valuable members of our community who have and are contributing their expertise on this project.

Vivian Roller ~ for the Cree Translation for our “Wall of Recognition” fostering community pride and;

Ronald (Guy) Cardinal ~ for creating the beautiful display (in progress) to be set up in the Main Foyer at the Saddle Lake Cree Nation complex

We are so excited and looking forward to seeing this project become a reality as we know you are all anxiously waiting patiently to see also.

Go to the Graduation Project page for more information!

Future Project in Progress - Click to see larger
Future Project in Progress - Click to see larger