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Post Secondary Student Reminder

To our Saddle Lake Post Secondary Students, if you have submitted all your documents and have received our Sponsorship Approval letter, Awesome Job, your well on your way, and thank you for your patience.

If you still have not handed in one or two documents, please utilize your institutions student portal and take a screen shot of your document and email to us. These documents are required before sponsorship can be approved.

  • Acceptance Letter or Letter of Continuance;
  • Transcripts
  • Course Registration / Schedule
  • Fees

Post Secondary Student Orientation – the Saddle Lake Post Secondary will not be hosting a Student Orientation this year, due to our current situation – COVID19.

Post Secondary Allowance – You will receive your September PSA via direct deposited, please ensure you have notified our office if there has been a change to your information. September 2020 PSA + Supply/Book Allowance will be directed deposit to those students who have been approved for sponsorship as of Wednesday, August 26, 2020 on..

Friday, August 28, 2020 – 1st DIRECT DEPOSIT

However, if you HAVE NOT SUBMITTED ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTS as of today, August 26th, please do so before 11:00 am Friday, August 28th and your direct deposit will be on:

Tuesday, September 01, 2020 – 2nd DIRECT DEPOSIT

Book Allowance – Most students will receive their book allowance to purchase their books, e-books, etc. Those students who do not receive their book allowance are responsible for making contact with the Book Store to ask how you will be accessing your books: pick up, Canada Post, drive through, etc. from your institution.

Aboriginal Student Services – All student should be familiar with their institutions Student Portal (Bear Tracks, MyAU, etc). Once you become familiar with your student portal, you will be able to find the necessary information about course registration, student fee, statement of marks, how your classes will be set up: On Line, Blended or in class.

Student Policy Handbook – is now available to view or download. Please click on the Sponsorship Procedures tab (above) and scroll down.

Contact Information – please ensure that your contact information is up to date: phone/cell number; email; address.

We are here to assist you the best way we can as you move forward in your educational journey. Students can reach us via phone and email.

Betty Ann Cardinal – bettyanncardinal@saddlelake.ca

Amberly Makokis – amberly.makokis@saddlelake.ca

Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer – bernadinehs@saddlelake.ca