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A Christmas Message…

Wishing you all the best through out the holiday season and into the New Year.

On behalf of the Saddle Lake Post Secondary Staff, we would like to send out a “Happy Holiday Season” to all our students attending NAIT, Langara. Norquest, Medicine Hat, Portage, Stone Child and Blue Quills First Nations College’s, University’s of Victoria, New Brunswick, Yorkville, St. Mary’s, Alberta, Calgary, Athabasca, Saskatchewan, Lethbridge, Grant MacEwan, Concordia, King’s and Mount Royal and ITT.  You maybe far or you may be near but you are part of our family here at Post Secondary and we want to let you know that we are here to assist you in moving forward while your on your educational journey.  We pray that if you are travelling this holiday season that you arrive in a good way and if you are staying close to home then best wishes to you and your family.  Our prayers also go out to those that we have lost this year and want to share a our condolences to their families.  It is a time of joy and new beginnings, but at the same time it brings feelings of sorrow and for you we ask Creator to bring you the comfort you need to enjoy the Christmas Season.

2014 is a time of renewal, a time to start new and to acknowledge all that you have accomplished and to be proud of where we are today.  Our Elder’s say that we need to love one another and to remember that our paths are there for us to follow the best way we know how and to be kind to ourselves.  Lets all take our Elder’s teachings and walk forward together with unity, pride, and acceptance down that long time road.

As a final reminder, if you have sent in your – Fall 2013 statement of marks – Thank You, if you have not, please send them in as soon as you receive them.

Bernadine Houle-Steinhauer, Director

Betty Ann Cardinal, Student Advisor

Pamela Large, Administrative Assistant