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Husky Aboriginal Education Awards

Are you planning to pursue a career in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Heres something you need to know.  Husky Energy hopes you consider them as a part of your financial plan for completion of your education: Aboriginal Education Awards.  Husky Energy will be giving preference to those applicants who are dedicated to pursing a career in the oil and gas industry.  You can download the application package from the Husky website, http://www.huskyenergy.ca and click on “About Husky Energy” at the top of their home page and the next page click on “Social Responsibilities” on the left and then click on “Aboriginal Awards”  and finally click on “Aboriginal Education Awards”.  If you require more information, please contact Malina Adams, Aboriginal and Community Relations Coordinator at 403-767-5267.

DEADLINE:  MAY 31, 2012

(Late submission will not be considered)

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