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Scholarship Opportunities

Want some free money?  Is there more month than there is cheque?  Does band funding or student loan not quite cover all the bills?  Don’t think you are eligible?  Apply for a scholarship, or a bursary, or a grant, and you might just qualify for additional monies that you did not expect!

Here at the University of Calgary Native Centre, we have two big binders filled with scholarships for Aboriginal (Indian Status) students, plus another binder with Metis-specific scholarships, grants and bursaries, listed by application deadline dates.  Students are welcome to drop by (M-F, 8:30-4:30) to peruse these binders, located in the Main Reception Office at The Native Centre, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Check out these Aboriginal Student Scholarship Links:

Good luck to all of you Aboriginal students, and remember:  Apply, apply, APPLY!

Please feel free to forward this information on to other interested parties.