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Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute (CILLDI)


CILLDI (pronounced “sill-dee”) hosts an annual summer school held at the University of Alberta whose goal is to train First Peoples speakers and educators in endangered language documentation, linguistics, language acquisition, second language teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and language-related research and policy-making. Our mandate is the preservation of endangered languages by developing research skills and teaching resources in the speakers of these languages t hemselves. CILLDI supports Indigenous language activists in promoting, protecting, practicing, and passing on their languages to the next generation of speakers and educators by providing a unique opportunity to earn university credit towards a certificate, degree, or diploma while learning about selected Canadian Indigenous languages and cultures. CILLDI strives to be multi-cultural, cross-linguistic, inter-disciplinary, inter-regional, inter-generational, and responsive to different sociolinguistic situations in the language communities under threat.

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2012 Summer Program: Thirteenth Annual CILLDI Summer School – July 9-27, 2012

Young Women’s Circle of Leadership: Girls from ages 12-16 are immersed in language and culture