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Betty Ann brings with her a Wealth of Information


Betty Ann Cardinal ~ New Student Advisor

Saddle Lake Post Secondary and Saddle Lake Education Authority would like to welcome a new member of our team.  Betty Ann Cardinal is our New Post Secondary Student Advisor.  She brings with her a wealth of information and amazing personality.

Betty Ann is from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation and was employed with Saddle Lake for a number of years before taking a position at Portage College in 2005 as an Educational Liaison.  Her main focus was to promote the programs and to recruit students within First Nation and Metis communities.  She has gained valuable experience in communication & networking, promotion styles, and most important had the opportunity to sit and talk with grassroots people and hear their views on education. 

Portage College gave her the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the endless educational possibilities that are valuable to First Nations people.  She now brings that experience with her to the position of Student Advisor for the Saddle Lake Education Authority.  She will continue to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams and to believe that through education the possibilities are endless.   Overcoming the loss of her parents and a sister has given her the serenity to accept that we are all here for a purpose and that tomorrow is ours to mold into whatever we choose.  Education is only one of those tools that we can access to harness and take control of our future.

Betty Ann is currently working on her Bachelor of Management focusing on Human Resources through Athabasca University distance education.  She is a mother of 2 daughters, a grandmother of 4, and a wife for 28 years and is looking forward to the challenges that come with being a new team member of the Saddle Lake Education Authority.


One thought on “Betty Ann brings with her a Wealth of Information

  1. Hi, I am Janet JACKSON of the Piikani First Nation. I have family roots on Saddle Lake and Goodfish Lake. It is an honour to have Betty Ann as my sister. Our father was the late Hector Jackson. As a sister of Betty Ann I can attest to the determination and enthusiam she possess. Betty Ann has continued to overcome hardships and difficulties in her life; which with help from Creator she has learned and re-learned many things in life. She is very approachable and a joy to be around. Saddle Lake Post Secondary Education Department has found a diamond in the rough.


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