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Shauna Lapatak ~ New SLPS Student Advisor

Please give a warm Welcome to our New Saddle Lake Post Secondary Student Advisor, Shauna Lapatak.  She started at SLPS effective August 4th, 2010 and will be replacing Shannon Houle.  Shannon has decided to continue her after-degree education at the University of Alberta’s Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) offered at the Cold Lake Portage College campus.  We wish Shannon the very best in her educational endeavor and congratulate her for “Following Her Dream!”  Way to Go!

Shauna is one of our recent graduates from the Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and she received her honors degree in the Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies major and a minor in Business Administration.  We are so proud to employ one of our own graduates and give her the opportunity to use her skills to advance & strengthen our community.  I know she will do a great job and if you see her or have a chance to talk with her, feel free to welcome her back.  She has been away for 10 yrs following her dream and now she is back to share her knowledge and “Assist Students to Achieve Personal Excellence”.

Evelyn Johnston
SLPS Director

2 thoughts on “New Student Advisor

  1. Hi shauna, Welcome back to Alberta. I am planning to go back to University in January; do you have any advise on how you managed your studies and family life together? Any advise would help and prepare me for any challenges along the way in acheiving less stress in my education.

    Thank-you and hope top hear your wonderful advise soon. Margy Cardinal


    1. Hello Margy,

      Please be informed Shauna has decided to return to Ontario. You request has been forwarded to Evelyn Johnston for reply. Please download the SLPS Application on this site and follow the Application Procedure for a returning student. The deadline is November 15th.

      Take Care,
      Shannon Houle


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