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Student Financial Sponsorship Review for 2010-2011

Good Day All,

For those who handed in their financial sponsorship applications for the June 15 deadline date (Sponsorship Dates: Sept – Dec or Sept-April or Sept -June/Aug).  Our Saddle Lake Education Authority Board reviewed the applications on July 9th, 2010 & conditional / approval letters will be issued shortly.  If you would like verbal confirmation, you are welcome to call our office & ask to speak with the person you applied for sponsorship at 1.800.668.0243.  You can also e-mail us!

 Additional Information is listed below:

  • Please check your e-mail or snail mail for approved conditional letters pending documents etc.  Deadline for outstanding documents is JULY 30, 2010.  Any outstanding documents after this date could affect sponsorship approval.
  • Full sponsorship approvals will be mailed shortly along with Institutional Third Party Sponsorship letters & they will be forwarded to the registered Institution applied.

**All successful applicants are required to attend, if possible, the Annual Orientation  & we look forward to seeing you there:


SLPS Annual Student Orientation

(“Saddle Lake Post Secondary Department” Sponsored Students Only)

Friday, August 20th, 2010 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Garner Lake Provincial Park Campground (Weather Permitting – Sunshine) – 44 KM North of SLCN – see here for GOOGLE map & directions

Alternate Site (Weather Permitting – Rain): Saddle Lake Onchaminahos School – located main townsite, south & across the parking lot of the SLCN Education office

~ Lunch provided & we encourage you to bring your immediate family ~

We encourage attendance in order for SLPS to give you your TOOLS for SUCCESS, meet & greet staff & your fellow peers, plus start this year with good tidings.


Please review Sponsorship Application Procedures listed on Application Package & review our Student Policy for additional information on student priority & sponsorship, download it here today.

We would like to take the time to CONGRATULATE and WELCOME all the successful applicants and we at SLPS look forward to assisting you in achieving personal success & academic excellence.  You have an exciting future ahead & we are here to support you, guide you, & cheer you on!  Your Future is in Your Hands 🙂

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please ensure you have all outstanding documents for FULL Acceptance prior to the Orientation as your PSA Allowance will not be released until ALL Required Documents are received. Please refer to your Conditional Acceptance Letter, the Student Application Procedures and the Student Policy for more information.