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Aboriginal Teacher Education (ATEP) – Blue Quills in 2012

The next U of A, ATEP cohort at Blue Quills is scheduled to start September 2012.  ATEP offers years 3 and 4 of the B.ED at BQ. Anyone interested in obtaining a B.ED at BQ should enroll this September 2010 to complete years one and two to be ready to enroll in ATEP for 2012.

If you know someone who has just graduated from high school or is an adult and wants to start the B.Ed close to home, let them know that we are accepting registrations now…Interested applicants can contact the Registrar at Blue Quills by phone, 780-645-4455 or email, registrar@bluequills.ca.  Also, you can apply online at the University of Alberta on Bear Tracks.  please stipulate “ATEP” on your application.

Blue Quills First Nations College
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St. Paul, AB
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