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Graduation Information

Hello Eligible Graduates for 2010,

Well graduations are almost upon us. Here are a few directions to guide you  through accessing your graduation assistance & incentives.

Please reference pages 25-26 of the 2009 Onicikiskwapowin Cree Nation – Student Policy Handbook – web.pdf for information on incentives etc..

Grad Assistance: SLPS needs official invitation or letter stating you qualify for graduation or are part of the graduation etc.  Your name needs to be stated somewhere in the document.  Please include graduation date and credential to be granted (eg. Bachelor of Arts).

Once you hand this in, you will receive your Grad Assistance and half of your Grad Incentive.

Grad Incentive: You will receive the last half of your Incentive once you present a copy of your Certificate/Diploma/Degree and all your updated transcripts including the officiating granting Institutions transcripts (eg. Bachelor of Arts granted through Athabasca University).  Usually this is after the graduation ceremony/convocation.

Last but not least, we want to send a Special Congratulations on your Success.  I know we and your community share in your excitement.  Just remember you are one person who can help strengthen and assist our community to be a Community filled with Pride ~ “One Person at a Time”.

Like Chief Big Bear once said:

“As one stick we are but “one” but as a “bundle” we are Strong & Unbreakable”