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Student Advisor – Computer Geek Suggestions

I know some of you are looking at a laptop & aren’t always aware of the type etc. to get.  Therefore, I am sharing my suggestions, especially since the cost of laptops have dropped substantially.  As I stated these are only my suggestions!  For some of you, you know I am a little bit of a “Computer Geek” as my son calls me, and would like to give you some of my personal picks & suggestions under $720.00, especially if you are not familiar with computer technology.

Laptop Hardware Awareness:

Best Processor: Intel Pentium

  • This is the heart of the computer: I don’t really care for AMD or other processors.  They will do the job but the best is Intel

Hard Drive Memory: More than 500MB is always better

  • It’s the speed your computer needs for temporary memory to open & while using programs like Internet Explorer or MS Office

Here are my suggestions etc:

Staples Store:

If Intel Processor:


If AMD Processor:


Future Shop Store:

If Intel Processor:


If AMD Processor:


Best Buy Store:

If Intel Processor:


If AMD Processor:


As one student suggested, It pays to shop around & note that some stores will price compare which means they match the price and give you and extra 10-15% off if you find a computer they are selling at a lower price. Staples, Best Buy, The Brick, and Future Shop might do this; however, ask at the store to be sure by asking if they “are competitive with other stores & will match or beat other store prices” & they will tell you.  Good Luck on your search!

* Please note, these are prices as of March 4th, 2010 & can change.